!!! Jai Bhawani !!!

His Holiness TantraRishi Swami Shree Vedchaitanya Shashwat Pallav Ji Maharaj

The Founder of Omkar Ashram and all its Community Development Missions

under blessed guardianship since 1987 September 16

The Omkar Ashram is a Spiritual Organization, established with the values of Greater Vedic Civilization. The Vedic theory and its Tantrik practice in life is the main motive of the foundation. In ancient sage dynasty of Greater Vedic Civilization, which is well described globally as a Humanitarian Civilization, The cosmic energy was counted as the main earning. Millennium passed with this living faith and practice among all ‘omkar’ sects of Greater Vedic Civilization. The Golden Era of Vedic socialism was based on pure natural life.  

The Omkar Ashram is a rising social Spiritual movement of Greater Humanism to Congregate Spiritual breed of Humans, to be educated and perform wisdom fully life with Vedic era tantra.

The Great Sage Master His Holiness Tantrarishi Swami Shree VedChaitanya Shashwat Pallav Ji Maharaj graced the wisdom world with very scientific Tantra education within our everyday life.

Our deep Eternal Devotion to The Grand Master forever even beyond this life.

Blessed Be

Search You Within You

The Science of Humanity Perfection

Lets Serve & Develop the world of Humanity

!!! Mateshwari Sharanam !!!

The Omkar Ashram Congregation

The Glorious Brahmacharya




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